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MS Filter plants have been delivered to, or are on order to over 30 communities in Canada and the U.S.A.

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, ON

‘Sam d’ is a beautiful Provincial park on the Mattawa River in the upper Ottawa Valley Region. This seasonal water supply system was designed to protect the wilderness environment and produce excellent quality water. The Mattawa River source is typical of Northern Ontario surface waters being moderate to high in colour low to moderate turbidity and low alkalinity. The MSF system reduces colour to less then 5 TCU and turbidity to less then 0.2 NTU.

Location: Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

Date of Installation: 2005

Raw Colour: 15-20 TCU

Raw Turbidity: 1-2 NTU

Finished Colour: < 5 TCU

Finished Turbidity: < 0.2 NTU

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Samuel de Champlain, Provincial Park, ON
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