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Biological Pre-treatment for Membrane Filtration in Pre-Treatment to Existing Slow Sand Plants

This process can treat much higher flows in a more compact space.

Micro and Ultrafiltration membrane systems are excellent for removing particulates but cannot remove colour or other dissolved organics without pre-treatment. Typically this has been coagulant addition and clarification prior to the membranes. The resultant system is complex, very expensive to operate, and prone to fouling from residual coagulant and/or organics. A more effective approach is to remove the organics through pre-ozonation and biological filtration.

The pre-treatment process removes colour and precursors to disinfection by-products and produces a biologically stable water to apply to the membrane greatly reducing the potential for fouling. This process is more complex then the slow sand based package but can treat much higher flows in a more compact space.


Canisbay Lake Campground
The Canisbay Campground water treatment plant is one of four MSF surface water plants in Ontario's beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park. All four plants employ the MS Filter system for a number of excellent reasons... READ MORE

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