Producing the highest quality of water with the least environmental impact

We take pride in the quality of our products and our commitment to the environment is unwavering.

MSF & the Environment

The MSF System produces the highest quality water with the least environmental impact of any technology available.

Multi-Stage Filter process uses no pre-treatment coagulants. This has the following significant advantages:

• Chemicals are not consumed.

• Delivery of chemicals is not required. This is often more costly then the chemical itself for remote communities.

• No chemical sludge produced.

• Wastewater volume produced is 0.2% of production (compared to 5 to 10% for conventional chemical and membrane systems)

• The disinfection by-products of ozone are largely biodegradable and are removed in the roughing filter/slow sand filter.

The ozonation system consumes energy but current designs in ozone equipment are very efficient and ozone is generated on-site only as required.

The filtration process requires so little operator attention that it is normally housed in a room separate from the administration area and kept at a very cool temperature minimizing heating energy costs. The filter tanks are often insulated to further reduce heating energy requirements.

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